Top 5 Destinations to Visit While in India

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

India, a land filled with festivals, vivid colors, spices, and holiness is a world filled with extraordinary history and culture.  This country’s never ending splendor, serene backwaters, and picturesque vistas, continue to wow travelers.

While there is a tremendous amount to enjoy while visiting India, by starting with these top 5 destinations, you’ll be able to sample a taste of this captivating region and marvel at its extraordinary traditions.


Famous for its gorgeous beaches, Goa is a visitor’s paradise.  This part of India offers over 4,500 miles of coastline.  Bask in the sun and enjoy the many water sports and leisure activities. 

There are numerous churches to visit along the coastline – most are well-liked for its amazing architecture and religious meaning.

The region also offers incredible safari opportunities.  Travel through the jungle to discover wild bengal tigers, roaming freely in its habitat.  

Goa is also famous for its mountain treks, camping, rafting, and skiing!

Taj Mahal

Located on the river banks of Yamuna in Agra, this stunning structure is the epitome of India.
Built entirely of marble at the request of Emperor Shah Jahan, this magnificent edifice was constructed in remembrance of the Emperor’s wife and queen, Mumtaz Mahal 

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New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India and is a hot spot for travelers.  The city is popular for its fashionable shopping, fivestar hotels, and amazing cuisine.

Be sure to take in the many attractions offered here such as: India Gate, Red Fort, Raj Ghat, Akshardham Temple, Humayun’s Tomb, Birla Mandir, and the Parliament House. 

Backwaters of Kerala

Kerala is extremely pleasurable for any sightseer.  This heavenly oasis offers beaches, rolling hills, palaces, and world-renowned monuments.
The backwaters are stunning and it places you in a total state of relaxation and serenity.  There are also beautiful beaches in this region, palm trees, coconut trees, and picturesque rice fields as you cruise through its soft rivers and lagoons.


Mumbai represents the infamous Bollywood, the Hollywood of the Americas.  This is the entertainment and business capital of India.

There is much to take in here, such as the many museums and shopping!  While in Mumbai it is almost customary to have a traditional silk shirt tailored to fit, for just under $30.

Browse the streets for unique finds such as extravagant leathers and distinctive jewelry, only found in India. 

Most of all, indulge your taste buds with India’s many spicy and authentic food dishes!

Honorable Mention

It is worth noting that Gangtok is a destination worth adding to your itinerary.  In fact, it is one of the most visited places by travelers in all of India. 

Located on the slopes of the Himalayas within the southern region, this historic city is famous for its charming Kanchenjunga mountain range views and world-renowned monasteries.

Other well known attractions include, Tsangu Lake, which is near the Tibetan border.  You will need a special permit prior to visiting this wonderful bed of serene water.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, relaxation, or a spiritual retreat, you will find it all within the many wonders of India!

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