Dalhousie: the Lap of Nature

Friday, November 4, 2011

In our previous article we brought you near  the elegance of Dalhousie city and we are sure you have already planned your trip to Dalhousie.
There are many beautiful places near Dalhousie and if you miss them you will surely going to miss the real magnetism of Dalhousie.
In this article we will cover some of the most splendid places around Dalhousie which are gems of this beautiful hill resort.

Dainkund or Dayankund:
At the height of around 2,750 meters , this is one of the most beautiful peaks around Dalhousie. The place offers panoramic view of the  valley. The clouds touching and passing from your side give you the  most sensational and charming feeling. This is the perfect place to realize how it feels when you are on top of the world.
Snow capped peaks, thick green carpet of grass, soul refreshing air and scenic view will make you want to stay at this place.
On a very clear day one can see all the three rivers - Beas, Ravi and Chenab surrounding the place. We found this place as one of the most beautiful place around Dalhousie.
Lovely landscapes, beautiful valley painted by the light and shadow of the sun is something you always want to keep in your memories.

Track to Dainkund offers you a ever refreshing experience, fresh air, new colors of nature at every turn begin to mix the beauty of your inner heart with the elegance of nature.
One of the most memorable experience while following the track is the feeling of clouds touching you.

Being near to Defence Establishment no one is allowed to enter the place after 5 PM in the evening so while you are preparing yourself for the trek keep this point in mind.


Kalatop provides a beautiful ever pleasant panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes. This place provides never ending eye catching view over hills and valley, fields and lush green forests. At the height of around 2,400 meters it provides a beautiful view of mountains covered with a white sheet of snow.

A beautiful lush green place about 25 km away from Dalhousie. Covered by the green forests from all around gives you an impression that nature itself protects the beauty of this place.
Charming retreat of this place makes it a perfect place for a day trip. We believe if you are a lover of nature beauty, this is the place to spend a night, watching the stars in a clear sky, feeling the music of air pass through the dense forests, morning wake up music of birds' chirping and beautiful shades of sun rise filtering out from tree branches is something everyone wants to live through.

The best thing about Khajjiar is the drive which leads you to this beautiful place. This road itself drives you near  the nature, surrounded by the lush green thick forest, water streams, small springs and a beautiful view of the Valley that add charm to the journey.

Khajjiar has a  green ground with a small lake on the center of it, on which is a floating land. Local people have their spiritual beliefs associated with this place, it is associated with Khajjinag.
This place is often called  Mini Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh.

Stay at Khajjiar:
For all those who want to spend some time at this beautiful place, there are few options, HPTDC has hotel at this place and one can go for online booking, beside this there are a few other options such as limited number of cottages with limited accommodation so plan your trip accordingly.

How To Reach Khajjiar
Best way to reach Khajjiar is to hire a taxi from Dalhousie, bus service to and from Khajjiar is limited and timings change according to local demands.

With this we have covered all the beautiful places around Dalhousie which we think as a traveller you should not miss.
In the previous article we did not mention few recommendations like best time to visit, precautions etc, so while concluding this travel series, we will try to cover these remaining points.

Best Time to Visit
For every traveller this is the prime and first question coming to the mind. We believe that the best time can only be defined by individual perspective. For all those who want to experience the white sheet of snow around there winter is the best time as Dalhousie and its surroundings experience a heavy snow fall during this time.
Hill places always looks so charming with the first ray of sun light after the rain: reflection of lights from the water drops on tree leaves, groups of small black clouds flying around over the blue sky and unpredictable coming and going of sun make the whole picture so colorful and charming, and if you love all this, rainy season (July-mid September) is you best bet.
In general summer is regarded as the best time to visit Dalhousie due to the beautiful weather, when most part of the country is suffering high temperatures this is the place which gives a refreshing and cool warmth.
Summer is also regarded as the most crowded time in Dalhousie with full hotel packing and high prices so plan accordingly.

For summer one needs not to think much but for all those who are travelling during rainy season be ready to get struck in traffic jams due to landslides and continued rain for several days.
In winter temperature can dip below freezing point so carry woolen clothes with yourself.
In short these are some tips:

1. Carry your first aid medical box.
2. If you are on medication do carry them and in buffer you will not get any good medical shop there.
3. Carry some light woolen clothes if you are going in summers/monsoon and heavy clothes for winters.
4. In monsoon time consult locals  about the road condition as well about any road blockage, in the rainy season it's common to have landslides or road blocks in this area.
5. If you are not comfortable or experienced with hill driving, it is good to hire a local taxi especially in the monsoon when the roads become slippery.

We hope that we have provides a inspiration ground for your trip to Dalhousie, so why to wait - start your planning.
Travellingrants team wishes you a happy and safe journey in advance. We are waiting for you valuable feedback.

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