Nainital - City of lakes. (Part 2)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We reached Nainital approx. at 10 am. As we entered the town, we found a beautiful green lake in front of us with some boats sailing in it  and the whole town surrounded by hills. At one side of the lake there is a mall road, hotels and shops and another side there is a temple and tibbitian market. As we were to spent only one day there so without wasting time we first booked a room in a hotel at a rent of Rs. 900/day. Took minimum time in refreshing ourselves and proceeded towards one side of the lake, via mall road, where we booked a boat. In one boat at the most four people are allowed excluding sailor. Sailor provided us the life saving jackets and started sailing, we were proceeding towards other side of the like. We saw there were some water filters were installed in the lake and the depth of lake was almost 120 feet (as per sailor).

We clicked some pics and enjoyed the boating. After reaching other side we found the temple there but we didn’t entered there and bypassed it (just prayed from outside). Now we were in a tibbitian market where there were number of small shops selling warm clothes, bags, caps etc. Some restaurants and dhabas were also there. This market was also linked to mall road by a narrow road. After crossing and wandering through market we were again on the mall road.

Just next to that market there was a big play ground where a Volley ball match was happening with commentary on loudspeaker. We found that there is also a rope way from that place to top of a hill, which is known as snow view point. We decided to go there by bikes so Umesh and Mannu went to hotel and came on bikes. We got directions from locals in reaching that place. It was really at a good height from where we can see the whole town and lake. After reaching the snow view point we found an appu ghar (a small playing hub for children), some shops and above all these a telescope installed to see the Himalayan ranges. Actually from that point we can have a view of Himalayan ranges clearly, most of the times those are covered with snow. 

Spending not more than half hour there we returned back to the town. As we reached the market there occurred some technical problem in Mannu’s bike. After trying our hands for some minutes we consulted a local for a mechanic. We got one but around two kilometers away from that point so Mannu brought him there by other bike and then we all moved to the garage and got the bike repaired there temporarily. During this time we took tea twice as the climate was too cool and time was around 5 pm. Now we proceeded towards the hotel after buying hot pakodas, aalu tiki and some dry non-veg for Mannu from some famous shops. But as we tasted it in the room we found all the things were not tasty. After sitting for some moments in the room we again went to mall road. We came to know that between 6 to 8 pm no vehicle is allowed on mall road so we found lot of tourists, visitors and couples were shopping and wondering on the road side. Nainital is also famous for beautiful candles so we found a big candle shop and Mannu purchased one. As the temperature was too low our mind prompted us to again try hot & fresh aalu-tiki and so ordered for two. Till preparation it was looking good but when we tasted it was again same. There were lot of small shops on read side selling warm clothes, caps, gloves, mufflers leather items etc. As Umesh lost his glove in Moradabad he purchased a woolan glove and Mannu purchased a cap. 

We also found a Café Coffee Day shop at one point and decided to sit there which returning to hotel. As we entered the CCD it was warm so we sat there for almost 45 minutes and then left for the hotel. Now it was around 9 pm and we were in a mood to have some snacks. As it was chilling climate we wrapped ourselves with blankets, switched on the TV and took snacks with tea. When we dialed for dinner’s order we got the response that the dinner can not be served as that hotel brings it from other restaurants which were closed by then. So we slept one by one while watching “Spider-man – 2”. In the morning we ordered tea fleshed ourselves, packed our bag and checked out the hotel room by 9 am. And now started the return journey. I sat behind Mannu, Umesh held the bag on his back and we left Nainital saying good-bye to it. The distance from Nainital to Ghaziabad is almost 305 km but while coming to Nainital we covered almost 400 km as we came via Muzzafarnagar J. This time we took less time to reach Ghaziabad. Stopped at “Amritsarian da Punjabi Dhaba” for breakfast in Bilaspur. This was the same place where we stopped last day. A school bus also arrived there which was returning from Nainital to Delhi. I will again appreciate UP govt. for making such a good highway (I think they have read our earlier blog post of Trip2Badrinath in which we criticized the UP roads)J so most of the time bikes were running at 100+ km/hr. speed. We stopped at Garhmukteshwar over the bridge over Ganga river and clicked some pics. It’s a sort of religious place. We found there big crowed and lot of boats in the river but the water was polluted. At that place the road was not good and very rough. From there we reached Hapur and then Ghaziabad approx. at 2 pm. Before getting refreshed and taking rest we booked tickets online (evening show) for Hollywood movie “Narnia”. Next morning Mannu woke up at around 4:30 am started his bike and left for Chandigarh, which is 250 km from Delhi. He reached there by 8:40 and phoned to us whereas we were still sleeping. J So Mannu covered 500 kilometers extra!!…what a crazy traveller?

For You Important:
Route we followed (long/wrong one):
Ghaziabad         ------   Muzaffarnagar (100 km - NH58)
Muzaffarnagar – Bijnor -- Noorpur -- Moradabad (150 km)
Moradabad – Rampur (NH 24) – Rudrapur -- Pantnagar (90 km – NH 87)
Pantnagar – Haldwani – Kathgodam -- Nainital (69 km – NH 87)

Actual rount (the straight one):
Ghaziabad    --   Hapur  -- Moradabad (150 km - NH 24)
Moradabad – Rampur (NH 24) – Rudrapur -- Pantnagar (90 km – NH 87)
Pantnagar – Haldwani – Kathgodam -- Nainital (69 km – NH 87)

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mannu January 19, 2011 at 11:44 AM  

It was Red wine... instead of tea with snacks.. :P

and where is the write up for RUM... ;-)

cant survive with a tea in such a weather.. he he..

myonlyphoto February 5, 2011 at 7:46 AM  

Seems like a nice place to visit!
Anna :)

Travelling Rants February 5, 2011 at 11:46 AM  

@Anna:Yes it's a good place to spend some time near to nature

Anonymous,  February 7, 2011 at 1:45 PM  

I think this place is a good destination for couples, honeymoon or a 2-3 days trip. Not for people who are looking for adventure like activities.

Travelling Rants February 7, 2011 at 7:23 PM  

@Anonymous:Agree!! We categrozied this as weekend destination as well as Honeymoon place and a family destination.

Anonymous,  February 18, 2011 at 9:37 AM  

That is typical you know...praying from the outside...hehe we all do that :D What surprised me was the colour of the lake water, it is surprisingly blue!

Travelling Rants February 18, 2011 at 10:19 AM  

@Nehha:Yes that's the best way to offer pray..And yes the color was really blue and it was looking awesome from the top of hill when once can see the whole lake.

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