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Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunday, 25th April 2010

Since the journey from Sarahan to Sangla is around 4 hours, we started from Sarahan around 8 A.M. This was a beautiful morning and it really feels good when you are able to find a cool and peaceful morning just opposite to the one we are used to see.

Road Condition
Although the road up to Karcham is National Highway but this is not a very good road due to the hilly area but still it's managable. But if you are going to such place avoid in the month of July-August when monsoon is at its peak in these areas and these roads can become unoperable at any time.

 road pic

Try to avoid these areas in the month of July-August
when monsoon is at its peak.

Due to road conditions we were travelling in a slow pace and reached Sarahan around 12 PM and after reaching this place we were really happy and just forgot about our tiredness and all other things.

Places of Interests
If you want to see what a man can do with nature this is the perfect place to see, on way from Sarahan to Sangla one can find 3 major Hydro power projects built and running on a single river Satluj.

1) Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station
This is a 1500 MW state of art power project which is also largest underground hydro - electric power Project. The name is derived from  two villages in the Project vicinity - Nathpa in district Kinnaur and Jhakri in district Shimla.

One can get the permission to visit some places of this project, permission  of the dame can be obtained from the concerned authority.

Petrol Pump ans ATM's
As we have already mentioned in our previous post that on way to Sangla, one can find ATM of State Bank of India at Karcham in JP Hydro Power complex only.
At Tapri you can find only petrol pump before Reckong Peo, so make sure you are equipped with money and your machine is with petrol.

Route Map
Sarahan------------------- Jeori                 17KM
Jeori-------------------- Jhakri                   12KM
Jhakri------------------- Chora                  13KM
Chora------------------ Nigulsari                5KM
Nigulsari----------------Bhavanagar            9KM
Bhavanagar ------------Wangtoo                12KM
Wangtoo--------------- Karcham                7KM
Karcham--------------- Tapri                     17KM
Tapri--------------------Sangla                   26KM
Sangla------------------ Raksham               14KM
Raksham----------------Chitkul                  10KM

Sangla Valley
Sangla is a beautiful hill town at a height of 2680 Meters in Baspa Valley. This is a part of Kinnaur District in Himachal Pradesh.

This place is surrounded by thick forests on one side and snow bounded peaks on the other side. One more Hydro Project namely Baspa based on the name of valley is almost on working conditions This place is nominated as one of the five most beautiful valleys by a travel magazine.

This valley in near to Tibetan border and till 1989 was considred as restricted area by Govt of India and visitors was required to get Permission.
This is a place famous to get relieved from heat waves for its Royal red apples and cherry trees. These places of Kinnaur District are famous for their unique culture and traditions. This valley is a heaven for people who love trekking.

Communication is not a problem and all major service operators are providing serives e.g.
BSNL, Airtel

Medical Faciity
One can find first aid medical help but for other cases one need to go either to Reckong Peo or to Rampur.

There are number of Guests houses as well as hotels in Sangla Valley and they are very cost effective. In addition to these there is one guest of PWD (State Works deptt). These state owned guest houses are good places to stay at economical rates provided they have space available.

We found Sangla valley more beautiful than what we read and heard from people before our trip and we will highly going to recommend this valley not only for those who want some relief from heat but also for all who want to live in nature and want to see it from close.
This is also a place for all those who want to see how some places are still preserving their cultural heritage and their customs and traditions.

In next post we will cover remaining two most beautiful places of this trip Raksham and Chitkul, the last village on India-Tibet border. So stay tuned...

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Priya June 2, 2010 at 3:01 AM  

It looks like a beautiful place than those dangerous rugged roads.

Honeymoon bed breakfast June 10, 2010 at 5:15 PM  

It looks like breathtaking travel destination. Thanks for sharing!
We really love natural beauty and would like to visit there soon. Any quality restaurants and hotels close to this attractive site?

Best Regards,

Travelling Rants June 10, 2010 at 6:51 PM  

@NEha:yes its really a beautiful place
@Honeymoon bed breakfast: one can find many guest houses as well some hotels there and yes if interested there are also some camps beside Bapsa river..

RNSANE July 13, 2010 at 5:30 AM  

I am so happy I discovered your blog, through my Catalan friend, fullet. I always say that India is the home of my heart...I was blessed to visit there in 1997, as the guest of a dear friend, a crew member from Royal Caribbean who lives at Sahar ( another name for the airport,
now, I know! ). I have so many good friends from that company from India that they call me
"the American mother of the Indian crew."

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